Business Process & Interactions in Practice – End Users


Product validation and reporting of counterfeits, expired or grey market medicines.

Custom Inspection

Validate and confirm release of approved drugs and devices.


Scan a barcode of drugs or devices with their mobile device to capture and verify real time supply chain data.

Hospitals / Pharmacies

Product validation on arrival and upon dispensing medicine.

How does Tatmeen make me safe as a member of the community?

With a simple touch, people can now save lives. Using our digital platform, all they must do is scan the dedicated GS1 data matrix barcode to check, control and learn about what they are supplying, prescribing, or swallowing.

What does Tatmeen do for the industry, clinicians and the general public?

Tatmeen’s track and trace system closely monitors medicines manufactured in the UAE and internationally across the supply chain. From the manufacturer to the patients, we give people (professionals and members of the public) the power to authenticate medicines at every step. Tatmeen will contribute to a more visible medical supply chain, making people feel safer and more informed.


Protect pharmaceutical brands and their owners.

Minimise the number of counterfeit and illegal and substandard medication in circulation. Increase the ability to recall drugs from every location at a moment’s notice. Eliminate cross border imports of unauthorised medicine entering the supply chain.

Completely control of near-expired pharmaceuticals and keep them away from consumers, preventing harm.

Forecast demand and ensure that there is ample authorised supply of the medicines and pharmaceutical products that are in high demand, avoiding shortages; while enhancing the ability to react to emergency requirements and being able to move drugs from one location to another faster.

Ensure that the investments made by companies in the development of drugs and their intellectual property are protected within the UAE, setting the UAE as a place where a new generation of medicines can be introduced with safety by pharmaceutical companies and aiding patients with leading healthcare solutions for better health.

Facts & Figures



Almost 85.2% of all pharmaceutical recalls are drug-related, while 14.8% are medical device recalls.



Over time, WHO estimates that more than 50% of online drugs will be counterfeit.



In first world countries, it is reported that 21% of pharmacies experience a shortage of medicines every day.



The World Customs Organization (WCO) has placed the value of counterfeit medicines at USD 200 billion a year, globally.

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