Tatmeen is a Ministry of Health and Prevention digital platform that enables the tracking and tracing of all pharmaceutical products in the United Arab Emirates.

Tatmeen will be operational 18 months after the issuing of the Decree by the Ministry of Health for the serialisation of all pharmaceuticals in the UAE.

Serialisation is the application of a GS1 approved 2D Matrix barcode and human readable information onto all drug secondary packing.

The application of 2D Matrix barcodes applies to both registered and non-registered drugs and is mandatory for all drugs imported or produced in the UAE.

Yes, all sites that are licensed to dispense drugs will be required to be registered with a Global Location Number. For more information, press on this link.

No, Tatmeen will work with all partners in the supply chain to give you access to the platform in the easiest manner for your circumstances.

Yes, Tatmeen will provide support and training to ensure you are able to access and work with the Tatmeen platform.

GS1 provide support for the Brandsync platform, in conjunction with Tatmeen. Press on the link to access BrandSync support.

No, the United Arab Emirates requires you to follow the decrees and regulations issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in relation to drugs serialisation and the Tatmeen platform.

Yes, the Tatmeen website will carry all updates related to the introduction of the Tatmeen platform and the Ministry of Health and Prevention will issue any decrees or regulations for the UAE

Yes, all protocols for the registration of scientific offices, medical stores, registration of drugs will remain as they are today.

Yes, there will be no changes to any reporting of information to those government entities you currently have to mandatorily report too.

The legislative decree was issued on June 14th, 2021.

There is a 6-month period to install the 2D matrix barcode and human readable format, as well as comply with serialization, the deadline for this is December 13, 2021.
After this, there

You can view the Serialization Legislation in Arabic here and in English

Password must be at least 14 characters long, must contain at least 1 capital letter, must contain at least 1 small letter, must contain 1 number and, must contain at least 1 special character (@$!%*?&)

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