Tatmeen Mobile Applications

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Technical Workshops Recordings
  • Tatmeen Onboarding Event (MAH, LA, 3PL) (English)

  • Tatmeen Technical Workshop for Distributors (English)

  • Tatmeen Technical Workshop for Hospitals (English)

  • Tatmeen Technical Workshop for Pharmacies (English)

  • B2B Onboarding Test Scenarios V2.0 - (English)

  • B2B Onboarding Test Execution Template V1.0 - (English)

  • Technical Guide for Onboarding V0.5 - (English)

  • Postman Collection (MAH, Logistics, & Dispensers) - (English)

  • Onboarding Presentation (MAH, Licensed Agents & 3PLs) - (English)

  • Tatmeen Onboarding FAQ - (English)

  • Medical Stores Onboarding Workshop - (English)

  • Simplified Onboarding Process - (English)